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Outdoor team building offer:

Hiking on Goat Hill ("Kecske Hegy")

Starting from the Hetkuti Horse Park the participants will have the chance to compete in exciting challenges. We will divide the participants into teams. One team will start after the other and they can compare their skills at different stations by completing different tasks. The hiking tour is around 2-3 km long. We serve refreshments, wine, and “pogácsa” to the participants at the halfway station of the tour. The winning team will be awarded a prize at the end of the hiking tour.
It is possible to extend the program with wine sampling which can even be the last stop of the program.
We can deliver food for the wine sampling to the wine cellars recommended by us.

Games of Skill at the Hetkuti Horse-park

We divide the participants into two groups where they can compare their skills: horse grooming and harnessing, bale rolling game await the visitors as games of skill. One part of the team can take part in pony carriage driving where they learn how to drive a carriage. The other part of the team, those who would rather learn horse riding can put themselves to the test and try lunging. The teams can win points in every event and the winning team is awarded a prize at the end of the game.

The games take place in our roofed riding hall so the participants can enjoy their time under shelter.

Competing against time and each other the participants will have to carry out different games of skill in our roofed riding hall.

The range of events of the competition can vary widely ranging from slaloming through wheel barrowing to different ball games, hula-hoop ring etc. Points evaluate every event of the competition and the team winning the most points will be awarded a prize at the end of the game. The games take place in our roofed riding hall so the weather changes will not affect the participants.

Food which is consumable on the spot, like pogácsa (small unsweetened round cake), bread and lard, tea, mulled wine, grilling or cauldron cooking on the terrace of our Riders’ Restaurant and beverages can also be ordered for the program.

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