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The Galloway cattle

gallowayDear Visitor, Welcome to our Galloway farm! We have nearly 60 acres of land where actually about 50 Galloway cattle live their quiet days undisturbed. Let’s learn more about them.

In our farm, there are only black Galloways from Germany. Our breed animals won awards at several competitions. We are proud that our breeding is one of the rare, purebred breedings in the world.

The Galloway is one of Britain's longest established breeds of beef cattle, named after the Galloway area of south-western Scotland where it originated. The Galloway is small-breed with moderate mature size; naturally hornless. Although black is still the most common colour for Galloways, they can also be white, belted, red and several shades of dun. The newly born calves are mahogany brown.

The primal worth of this breed is that the Galloways adapt exceptionally well to the harsh mountain conditions and they have perfectly assimilated to the Hungarian circumstances. This breed is so ancient that in its country and as well in Europe it is simply just called „buffalo”. Compared to the other breeds, their first legs are shorter and the surface of their claws is larger, therefore they are perfectly suited for mountainous areas. This breed's shaggy coat has both a thick, woolly undercoat for warmth and stiffer guard hairs that help shed water, making them well adapted to harsher climates. Galloways are the least specific grazers of any breed of cattle, with the resilience to cope with feed shortages. They even scrape out the grass from underneath the snow. They eat all the available herbage evenly (not just the lusher grasses or legumes), maintaining and leaving grazing-lands, and pastures in perfect condition.

The quality of their meat is special. It suits the Anglo-Saxon requirements in all aspects: the Galloway beef is very popular in its home country.

The Galloway’s meat is nicely marbled – otherwise lower in superfluous fat –, with some rich wild taste. Now the demanding customers begin to discover this exceptional high quality beef.

We welcome our visitors in our restaurant with delicious Galloway beef specialities made from the meat sourced from our cattle farm. Quality and originality guaranteed by the Mollmann family!

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