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Programs and adventures in the town of Mor, HUNGARY

Our country house like inn is situated in a calm and peaceful little street in the town of Mor, Hungary. The history of this little street dates back to 300 years. Its houses were among the first ones of the settlement.

1. Wine sampling in the wine cellar of our Old Wine Press Restaurant:

Our more than 300-year-old wine cellar awaits the guest wishing to sample the wines of the region and the wine-district of Mor. We offer you to sample the royal wines hidden behind a wrought-iron gate designed by local artists.
Above 30 persons, we can organise a tour in the wine cellars of the wine growers at Mor where you can also taste the local cuisine. You can order your dinner from any restaurant.


2. Wine sampling in the wine district of Mor

White wines are the characteristic wines of the Mor district. Beside “Ezerjo” which is the most specific vine type of the region the Leányka, the Tramini, the Rizlingszilváni, the Zöldveltelini and the Chardonnay are the most common vine types.
The ”Ezerjo” (white wine) – which is already a listed Hungaricum – became the most frequent grape variety of the wine-district after the replantation following the vine-pest (Phylloxera vastatrix) in the 19th century.

Wine cellars Open to the Public in the Wine-district of Mor:

* Öreg Prés Pince – 8060 Mór, Arany János u. 4. Tel: +36 22 563-080
* Bozóky Pincészet – 8060 Mór, Pince u. 22. Tel: +36 22 407 797
* Geszler Családi Pince – 8060 Mór, Zrínyi u. 25. Tel: +36 30 481 9248
* Miklós Csabi Pincéje – 8060 Mór, Ezerjó u. 3. Tel: +36 20 315 2003
* Maurus Pince – 8060 Mór, Hársfa u. 10. Tel: +36 30 480 4249
* Frey Pince – 8060 Mór, Ezerjó u. 11. Tel: +36 22 30 317 9197
* Lincz Pince – 8060 Mór, Zrínyi u. 21. Tel: +36 30 956 4435
* Molnár József Pincéje – 8060 Mór, Pince u. 42. Tel: +36 30 918 5294
* Móri Borok Háza – 8060 Mór, Ezerjó u. Tel: +36 30 227 2832
* Klemm Pince – 8060 Mór, Ezerjó u. 9. Tel: +36 22 400 126
* Szabó Pincészet – 8060 Mór, Vénhegyi u. 2. Tel: +36 20 978 7983
* Gruber Pince – 8060 Mór, Hársfa u. 4. Tel: +36 20 337 4050
* Bogi Pince – 8074 Csókakő, Kossuth u. 64. Tel: +36 30 335 6095
* Szili Pince – 8074 Csókakő, Ezerjó u. 15. Tel: +36 22 408 622
* Bognár Endre – 8074 Csókakő, Nagysalló u. 8. Tel: +36 70 244 7995
* Bíró István – 8073 Csákberény, Orondi dülő Tel: +36 22 424 106
* Belecz Pince – 8074 Csákberény, Orondi dülő Tel: +36 22 424 146
* Sáfrán Pince – 8074 Csákberény, Orondi dülő Tel: +36 20 962 0478

3. Horse-carriage excursions

On a sightseeing tour, you can learn more about the town of Mor and its picturesque environment. Our organised programs range from one-hour tours to a whole day excursion.


  • 1 hour sightseeing or hiking on the slopes of the vine-hills at Mor
  • Horse carriage excursions to Csokako:
    The program reveals the beauties of the marvellous panorama of the Vertes Mountain. On arrival to Csokako a lunch with wine and palinka sampling awaits the guests in a wine cellar built under the fortress. After this, there is an opportunity to visit the Csokako fortress built in 13th century. Return to the accommodation by carriage.
    The program lasts for around 4 hours.
    It is also possible to stop at different wine cellars during the carriage ride!

4. Palinka Sampling in the Bakony Mountains

Palinka is made in a traditional way in the Palinka Distillery of Cseteny in the copper barrels of a wood-heating system. The whole process from the gathering of the fruit through distilling and bottling it is managed by the family business, so they can ensure exquisite quality for every single bottle. These spirits are made from 100% guaranteed ripe and clean fruit. Since Laszlo Varga does not like jokes in the field of spirits he always lets his distillates reach 50 Vol. alcoholic strength! Visit the heart of the Bakony Mountain at Cseteny, which is, situated 20 kms from the town of Mor.

In our hotel we organise evening meals with palinka samplings as well!

5. Rock climbing at Csokako:

One of the most spectacular rock climbing locations in the Vertes Mountain is the Csokako Rock Climbing School. The local sport climbers have been climbing these mountains since the ‘70s. It is important to note that for safety reasons, the Hungarian Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Association professionally maintain the climbing school. The difficulty levels of the climbing routes are between III and IX according to (UIAA) the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation. Meaning that, beginners and advanced climbers just like children and adults can find challenges meeting their skills.

The trainers will teach basic rock climbing techniques like bouldering at low heights, traversing – sideway climbing and the safe, 3 point climbing technique. These techniques can be mastered by anybody. The guests can learn the proper use of the climbing gears – carbines dynamic ropes, straps – and personal protective equipment – sit-harness and helmet. Finally, when you master all these as well as the basic climbing techniques you can also test your skills at rope climbing. You can optionally climb one route at a height of 300 to 750 feet (10-25 metres). At top-rope, climbing the climber is secured by a rope from the top of the route, for his absolute safety. Finally, you can try rappelling down from the top but this can only recommend to the fearless ones since it is a heart pounding experience considering the fact that the height of these rocks can reach 750 feet at places. As for a cool down: try “slackline”, a modern rope dancing.

Duration: approx. 2-3 hours
Required min. number of participants: six persons

6. Hunting in the surrounding woods:

Since our hotel is located between the Vertes and Bakony Mountains, the area has a rich wildlife of small and big games. Contact us and we will help you find the most suitable hunting area for your needs.
For larger groups and returning guests we organize hunts at a discount price.
Quote Request!

7. Fishing:

There are plenty of fishing spots around the hotel. The closest one is within a distance of 1 km and it is easily accessible by bicycle.
At the “Ezerjo” fishing lake, you can enjoy your passion in a comfortable and wonderful environment.
Since the lake is 3.5 kilometres away from the hotel, we provide transport on request to and back from the lake upon payment of compensation.
On request, we can prepare your picnic basket for your whole day fishing experience.
Quote Request!

8. Sport programmes:

  • Nordic Walking on the vine hills and slopes of the Vertes Mountain
    The Finnish origin new wellness trend called Nordic-walking is different from traditional walking or power walking in a way that it does not only burden your feet but your upper body as well with the help of special poles. Nordic Walking is a sport, which can be, pursued anywhere. The best is to walk naturally in the nature, in a nice environment and in fresh air so the stress reliving effect of Nordic Walking will also be even more effective. Nordic Walking is a fascinating family and social sport so it is highly recommended to those who enjoy a good company and do not like lonely sports.
    We organize short and long tours for beginners and advanced walkers as well.
    We provide free mineral water to our Guests during the tour.
  • Cycling tours in the vicinity:
    The area offers a great opportunity for cycling tours. You can easily discover the sights of the region on two wheels. If you wish to tackle tougher terrains, it is possible go mountain biking on the tracks of the Vertes and Bakony Mountains. You can rent bicycles in our hotel. We can prepare your picnic packages and provide you with rucksacks.
  • Horseback riding in the Hetkuti Horse Park: If you want to enjoy horseback riding, you can choose from the services of the Hetkuti Horse Park, which is only two kms away from the hotel. You can become acquainted with the pleasure of equestrian sports, you can recharge your batteries with the experience of horseback riding, and horse carriage rides.
    The Hetkuti Horse Park awaits its visitors with wide-ranging services like: lunging, cross-country riding, voltige, free lunging, pony rides, carriage rides.
  • Tennis: The outdoor tennis court is 500 m away from the hotel awaits its visitors from spring to autumn. Tennis teaching and training is also available for the beginners.
    It is necessary to register and book the tennis courts in advance.
  • Other sports, available in the inn: table tennis, street-ball court, badminton
  • Sport programs at the Hetkuti Wellness Hotel: the hotel, which is only 2 kms away from our inn, has its own beach volleyball court, badminton court, competition fitness gym. The hotel offers different types of training programs to the guests like: yoga, sound bath.

9. Evening programs and entertainment:

  • Baker’s Oven Evening: The courtyard of the inn furnished to reflect country like atmosphere ensures the possibility for preparing dishes in a baker’s oven, grilling, or cauldron cooking. The dishes will be served in the open air with some pleasant background music.
    The program can be combined with wine or palinka sampling.
  • Dance Hall: Get acquainted with the typical dances of the different regions in Hungary. Let us welcome you on a pleasant evening or night program where you cannot only learn Hungarian dances but folk songs as well.
  • Wine sampling nights, wine and dinner reception: For bigger groups we offer wine and dinner receptions that can be beautifully combined with the special tasting and excellent wines of Mor. We also organise wine sampling evenings where the guests cannot only try the wines of Mor and the wines of the local cellars but it is also possible to sample the wines of invited winegrowers from other districts of Hungary.
    The wine sampling nights and the wine and dinner receptions can be combined with gypsy music, jazz night or the program of bar pianist.
  • Wine sampling programs: In the wine cellar of our original 300-year-old Wine Press House, the guests can sample the most exquisite wines of the wine-district of Mor. The visit to the wine cellar can be combined with a visit to the Marton House, which revives old Swabish traditions with its valuable collection.
    Gypsy musicians or accordion players are available on request for the wine sampling nights and the wine and dinner receptions.

We prepare individual price quotations for the above programs, please contact our colleagues at:

Möllmann – House Booking Centre
Inn to the Old Wine Press***

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