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Sights of Interest - Bakony

Although our hotel offers plenty of recreational activities, we recommend the following sights of interest to your attention if you wish to discover the countryside:

  • The fortress of Csokako – 8 km
    The sights of interest of the settlement founded in the 13th century include a fortress, which was built on a rock. There is magnificent view to the Bakony Mountain and the Mor Graben.
  • Bodajk – 8 km
    Bodajk is considered to be the oldest “Maria’s place of worship”. It is a well-known place of pilgrimage. The Hochburg-Lamberg castle built in the 19th century can also be found here. Besides its historic past and attractive character, the Gaja-valley also makes Bodajk a popular tourist destination, which offers enjoyable pastime in any season for hikers and hunters. For those who prefer skiing ski tracks with lifts offer a sporting opportunity.
  • Fehérvárcsurgó – 12 km
    One of the attractions of the historic settlement is the Károlyi Castle built in 1844. From the castle, you can have a magnificent view of the valley beneath. The water reservoir is a perfect bathing place in summer, and it is an excellent place to relax and go fishing round the year.
  • Majk – 25 km
    A popular tourist spot in the northern part of Vertes Mountains. The most important sight of interest is the building complex of Kamalduli Reclusory from the 18th century, which gave place to the monastic order until it was dissolved in 1782. The dwellings, the temple, and the main buildings are utilised for tourism purposes and they also function as a museum.
  • Pusztavám – 10 km
    Benedictine Abbey at Vertesszentkereszt and the ruins of nunnery is located in the woods close to Pusztavám. The place was first mentioned in the chronicles in 1146. Its walls from the 12th 13th century, still standing make it a listed monument of the Hungarian, Roman style architecture. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire it was demolished. Some of its ornamented stones carried away from the site can be found in a museum at Tata.
  • Székesfehérvár – 26 km
    One the earliest settlements of Hungary and Central-Europe, which used to be a City of Coronation from the Middle Ages. Not only its past but also its present makes it one of the most significant cities of Hungary.
  • Tác – 35 km
    The Gorsium-Herculia archaeological park has findings from the Roman Age. The ruins, the stones with writings or mythological scenes on them, the small objects and the statues discovered on the site reveal the culture of Pannonia during the reign of Roman Empire. The large-scale program, the fair, and the open-air theatrical performances organised twice a year at the end of April and at the end of July attract many visitors.
  • Zirc – 35 km
    The highest located town of Hungary with its preserved historic monuments, cultural programs, services, and intimate hospitality has become a significant tourist destination. You can find an internationally reputed Arboretum at Zirc. On the 20-hectare basic area of the Arboretum, you can find trees and plants from every corner of the world, some of which are several years old.
  • Zirc Arboretum
    (Open from March 15 to November 30.), Cistercian Abbey of Zirc, Reguly Antal Ethnographic Museum
  • Hiking in the Bakony Mountains – Jásd, Tés, Bakonynána – 20 km
    We invite you to a pleasant forest hiking in the Bakony Mountains. You can make detours at Jásd or Tés where you can find the famous windmills. Going further on the hiking trail towards Bakonynána you can find a place called “the Roman Bath” where there is a waterfall pouring down from the lime stonewalls.
  • Pannonhalma – 50 km:
    The major attraction of the town is the Benedictine Abbey built on the Saint Marton Hill, which was has been part of world heritage since 1996.

On request and upon payment of compensation we can launch mini buses capable to seat 8 or17 persons to these tourist spots.